Transformation in the Digital Age



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The CxO Leadership Forum is all about a 6 months authentic dialogue with an exclusive audience. Via a congress, lectures, Google hangout sessions, webinars, articles and interviews we manage a sustainable conversation between you and the audience.


Let us connect. Let us interact. Interaction leads to a sustainable transfer of strategic knowledge. At the end of the congress, you and your peers are the winners. Only the CxO Leadership Forum offers you a combination of an innovation battle, brainstorm sessions, debates & world cafés.


This year, the central theme is “Transformation in the Digital Age”, which is not limited to the manufacturing industry of IT companies only. This interactive seminar is held in the stunning Van Der Valk Hotel Brussels Airport in Zaventem on 9 & 10 December 2016.


You can no longer deny it: the digital world has an impact on the activities of all organizations. Every business is undergoing a thorough transformation, driven by the numerous possibilities of digital technology. With the help of inspiring speakers, the 7th CxO Leadership Forum aims to mark the opportunities and threats of this digitization. This is not limited to the field of ICT, but we also look at Supply Chain Management & Manufacturing, Finance & Legal, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Facility Management and Leadership in general.


Welcome @ the CxO Leadership Forum!


Dirk Vermant, Director CxO Europe

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